What is a forward radio?

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What is a forward radio? Following the China Marine Radio Supplier would like to share with us.

A forward radio intercom is to transmit the signal of a certain frequency band directly through its transmitter to other frequencies. The two sets of signals do not affect each other, or allow two groups of users to communicate on different frequencies. It has the characteristics of full-duplex operation in which the transceiver works simultaneously and does not interfere with each other.

The English name of Repeater Transeiver is Repeater Transeiver, and the Chinese name is Repeater Repeater and Repeater. Its biggest characteristic is that it can effectively extend the communication range and capability of handheld, vehicle-mounted and fixed stations in the communication system to provide a larger coverage radius for the system. Because this kind of equipment is in the unattended state when working, some of the turntable is still put on the mountain, the working environment is poor, some of the turntable is in the launch state for a long time. Therefore, the technical design requirements of the rotary table are much higher than those of the vehicle-mounted machine and fixed table. There are even some special requirements, such as high stability, high reliability, excellent heat dissipation, and the ability to work stably for a long time under high and low temperature conditions.

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Many devices have the function of automatically starting backup power or switching to dc power to continue working in case of main power failure. The power of the dedicated turntable used in the wireless communication system is large, usually 25W~50W or even 100W (darjeh's TB8100). The power of the small turntable used in the building is usually no more than 25W.

What are the operation precautions of walkie-talkie?

1. When the Marine Walkie Talkie is being launched, keep the walkie-talkie in a vertical position and keep the distance between the microphone and the mouth 2.5-5 cm. When launched, the walkie-talkie should be at least 2.5 centimeters away from the head or body. If a hand-held walkie-talkie is carried on the body, the antenna should be at least 2.5 cm away from the human body.

2. Do not turn on or off for many times during use, and adjust the volume to the volume suitable for your hearing.

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