How to use intercom to call for help in an emergency?

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How to use intercom to call for help in an emergency?

The amateur segment shall call relay stations and maritime SOS channels within 300KM of the surrounding in distance sequence, and then follow the standard operation without further description. The operation of 409M shall follow the following steps:

First, collect some spare cell phone batteries so that they can be used up when the Marine Walkie Talkie battery runs out. It was very easy, just two wires. The team left only two walkie-talkies on and all the others off to save battery.

Find two physically strong, clear-thinking players and bring two walkie-talkies to the highest point nearby (the higher the better, but pay attention to your own safety). A walkie-talkie on channel 15 (be sure to turn off mute!) ", another waterproof Marine Radio from channel 1 to channel 20 called repeatedly: "SOS SOS this is XX/XXX on mount XX/XXX emergency call for help this is XX/XXX on mount XX emergency call for help please receive the signal to channel 15 reply me please receive the signal to channel 15 reply me", one round of call after ten minutes after the next round. If there is still no reply after an hour, consider moving to a higher, more open position, and keep listening to channel 15 as you move. At the top of an unshaded hill, a signal from a 0.5W walkie-talkie could travel hundreds of miles.

Marine Walkie Talkie

HT649-two-way vhf radiotelephone

What should be done when the intercom receives a distress signal?

When receiving the distress signal on the Intrinsically safe Marine Radio, in order of importance:

First, to ensure the safety of themselves and their team;

Second, inform the team to abandon the original plan, to save people as the only goal;

Third, to establish contact with the outside world, to forward the distress signal, as a communication bridge between the outside world and the supplicant;

Fourth, carry out rescue operations where we can.

The third point is very important: don't do anything if you haven't already forwarded the distress signal to the outside world.


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