Marine radio frequency

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Marine radio frequency

The radio interphone which is specially used for maritime navigation on the maritime ship and carries on the wireless communication with the shore is called the Marine Walkie Talkie -  radio interphone, also called the ship radio. Sea with particularly strong radio its professional walkie-talkie, the use of harsh, wide shipping activities and sea temperature change is big, should meet the needs of global maritime safety navigation, its product design is very professional, working frequency is uniform in accordance with the unified provisions of the international maritime communications offshore waterproof Marine Radio dealer working frequency range TX from 156.025 MHz to 157.425 MHz, RX from 156.025 MHz to 163.275 MHz. Working channels are divided into international channels, us channels and Canadian channels, and there are 10 weather channels (8 of which are us weather channels and 2 are Canadian weather channels). Three working channels is three standard versions of the channel, a variety of Marine walkie-talkies have three standard versions. Users according to the use of requirements, in the purchase of Marine walkie-talkie at the same time also choose different versions of the frequency. Use the United States frequency standard version of the country more, our Marine walkie-talkie mostly use the United States version, it is said that the United States frequency version of the same frequency point more, less different frequency point. Some sea use walkie-talkie besides above frequency point, still leave the frequency point that 10 can be defined by the user oneself, facilitate user oneself internal use. Marine intercom has the same frequency point, also has the different frequency point. The frequency difference of different frequency points is 4.6MHz instead of 5.7MHz.

Marine radio frequency

A600DU Marine intrinsically safe digital radio

In order to adapt to the requirements of Marine communication, Marine interphone should be fully considered in the structural design of waterproof, salt fog, solar radiation and other factors, excellent waterproof is the main indicators of Marine radio. According to the Jis-7 waterproof standard, the Marine walkie-talkie cannot be flooded for at least half an hour under the condition of 1 meter water depth. Some models of its speakers, microphone battery block also has good waterproof performance, its good heat dissipation is a long-term reliable work guarantee. In order to facilitate operation and use, the panel control keys and knobs of Marine walkie-talkies are not only small in number, but also relatively large. Marine walkie-talkie general functions are relatively simple, practical, only retain its function, all this...... The working environment used on the ship is favorable for convenient use under various conditions. Excellent waterproof, salt fog resistance, durability, high reliability, working frequency is more than the characteristics of Marine into the machine.

Walkie-talkies used on ships according to relevant regulations must be issued by China classification society Marine product type approval certificate. In addition, according to the global maritime traffic and security system standard (GMDSS), all ships sailing on the ship must be equipped with "GMDSS" walkie-talkie according to the tonnage of the ship, with the purpose of ensuring the use of the ship in case of emergency. Marine walkie-talkies manufactured to the standard GMDSS must be orange in colour and have a lithium battery pack capable of eight hours of operation to meet the requirement of long hours in distress at sea. The GM1500E Marine walkie-talkie made by ICOM of Japan has a battery capacity of 3600MAH.


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