What are the main parts of the walkie-talkie?

Aug. 22, 2019 I want to consult

What are the main parts of the walkie-talkie? Following the VHF Marine Radio Supplier would like to share with us.

1. Shell:

Professional machines generally use PC+ABS, plastic materials with very good performance, good appearance gloss, not easy to age, wear, durable products; Commercial machines often choose engineering plastic ABS, which can meet the requirements in appearance, strength, wear resistance, aging and other aspects. The buttons are made of silica gel, resistant to wear and aging, and feel good. The aluminum shell is made of aluminum ADC12, which is light weight material.

2. Host:

Generally, it includes case, PTT key, earphone and power socket plug, PCB component, LCD part, volume/switch knob, coding knob, indicator light, MIC, etc. The PTT button ACTS as a transmitter switch, usually on the side. Indicator light indicates working status, usually at the top. The top of the interphone also has a volume/switch knob and a code knob (to select the channel). The LCD part displays the working status of the walkie-talkie. PCB assembly is the core part of VHF Marine Radio walkie-talkie, all the important parts are on PCB, non-professionals are not allowed to remove. Most walkie-talkies have special shielding cover, aluminum shell (fixed PCB), etc. Professional machine also waterproof requirements, more complex structure.


HT783-Waterproof Marine Radio

3. Battery:

The battery includes ni-cd battery, ni-mh battery and li-ion battery, and the capacity is 600mAh, 800mah, 1100 mAh and 1500 mAh. Lithium batteries are expensive and still in the development stage. Ni-cd and ni-mh batteries are commonly used, and ni-mh batteries are recommended for large-capacity batteries. The battery surface and bottom shell adopt ultrasonic welding, firm and reliable.

4. Belt clip:

The function is to fix the waterproof Marine Radio walkie-talkie on the belt, for the convenience of the customer, the belt clip can be removed.

5. Antenna:

It is divided into antenna jacket and antenna core. The antenna jacket is made of high performance TPU material with good bending and aging resistance. The antenna core is generally connected with the main engine with screw structure, which is easy to disassemble.

6. Seat charger:

Share with fire bull to charge battery or whole machine. Generally, the structure has DC socket, charging shrapnel, indicator light, button and so on. The DC socket is connected with the fire ox, the shrapnel is connected with the battery electrode plate, the indicator indicates the charging state, and the button discharge function. The base charger can charge the battery and the whole machine.


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