What are the safety precautions for walkie-talkies?

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What are the safety precautions for walkie-talkies? Shared by Motorola Walkie Talkie Supplier.

1. In the car with an airbag, do not put the interphone in the range that may be involved when the airbag is deployed. If the walkie-talkie is in the area that may be involved when the airbag is deployed, once the airbag is deployed rapidly, the walkie-talkie may hurt the occupants of the vehicle with great impact force.

2. In the atmosphere or on the occasion of a potential explosion, the walkie-talkie must be turned off unless it is specially certified. Electrical sparks can cause explosions or fires in potentially explosive atmospheres.

3. Do not replace or charge batteries of the Motorola Marine radio in potentially explosive atmospheres. Installation and removal of batteries may cause contact with electrical sparks and lead to explosions.

4. Before approaching the blasting area and the area where the detonator is located, please turn off the walkie-talkie to avoid possible explosion.

Motorola Walkie Talkie Supplier

Motorola Walkie Talkie Supplier

What are the common problems during the interphone test?

1. Frequency point interference: in the use of often series frequency or receive the noise of other radio stations, interference with the normal use of walkie-talkie, the treatment method has three: (1) frequency change. (2) plus audio or DTMF, etc. (3) reduce noise level (applicable to individual machines receiving interference under the same conditions)

2. Close distance: when the communication distance of the walkie-talkie differs from the actual requirement by several meters, the power and noise level of the Motorola Walkie Talkie can be adjusted to achieve it. After adjustment still can not improve in the consideration of adding in the turntable to solve.

3. Voice interrupted: interphone communication in the critical distance often found interrupted phenomenon, at this time can adjust the noise level or cancel the reception of sub-audio to test the effect.

4. Screaming: when the distance between two walkie-talkies is only a few meters or closer, the two walkie-talkies will scream. This is a normal phenomenon and can be resolved by turning the sound down to the appropriate level.


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