[Motorola Marine walkie-talkie]MOTOROLA A8 walkie-talkie

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MOTOROLA A8 walkie-talkie

Motorola Walkie Talkie Supplier shares that the MOTOROLA Mag One A8 is an excellent walkie-talkie, stylish in appearance, stable in signal quality, suitable for retail stores, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and service industries.

Another feature of the MOTOROLA Mag One A8 walkie-talkie is its user-friendly design. The BCLO prevents transmission of signals on busy channels. The MOTOROLA Mag One A8 supports headphone hands-free and a confirmation tone after the call. Although interphone buttons are not many, but careful manufacturers in order to prevent users from inadvertently press the wrong button, set up button lock function. Nickel-metal hydride batteries provide longer endurance.

The MOTOROLA Mag One A8 speakers can cope with harsh environments, with push-button locks and busy no-go features. The volume can be adjusted, support timeout and other functions. A8 walkie-talkie meets 16 communication channels, and the frequency range is divided into two grades: VHF: 136-150mhz, 150-174mhz; UHF: 403-425mhz, 450-470mhz. No background lighting.

That's all for the sharing,and we supply Motorola Marine walkie-talkie for sale, if you have any demand for our products,just feel free to contact us.

MOTOROLA A8 walkie-talkie


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