MOTOROLA GP328plus walkie-talkie

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MOTOROLA GP328plus walkie-talkie

Motorola Walkie Talkie Supplier shares that the MOTOROLA GP interphones have explosion-proof models, which meet the requirements of safe use in inflammable and explosive environment, and provide guarantee for safe production in special industries. The gp328plus is the smallest and lightest of MOTOROLA's professional walkie-talkies. This model can be easily held in the hand or tied to the waist, making it easy to operate. At the same time, they also adhere to MOTOROLA's consistent excellent performance and rugged quality, for you to create a high level of communication space.

MOTOROLA GP328 has 16 communication channels, with maximum calls up to 5 km/km frequency range of 136-174/330-400/403-470/450-527mhz.

That's all for the sharing,and we supply Motorola Marine radio for sale, if you have any demand for our products,just feel free to contact us.

MOTOROLA GP328plus walkie-talkie


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