[Walkie-talkie for sale]How to use the mute function of interphone?

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How to use the mute function of interphone?

Marine Radio Supplier China shared that somebody who used radio all know that interphone use and mobile phone, the phone is different, mobile phone, phone in phone basically there is no noise, and the intercom is background noise, it is similar to the noise of the radio, there are several reasons of the noise, including the quality of the interphone, communication distance and signal strength. So do you want the walkie-talkie noise to be reduced without affecting the communication effect? Here's a look at how the walkie-talkie's noise-cancelling function works.

Daily use of the interphone, usually not often talk, so the interphone often no signal input, at this time interphone has the opportunity to produce noise, the reason is that the interphone receiver sensitivity is high, large gain. And when speaking, have a signal input, signal to noise had obvious inhibitory effect, noise level is reduced, not influence the communication effect, so as mobile communications using radio, all equipped with noise circuit, its function is, in the waiting state and intermittent call, automatic locking receiver of low frequency amplifier, the noise from the output from the speakers or headphones. When there is a signal input, it can automatically and quickly unlock the state, so that the signal through the low-frequency amplifier output. In this way, the wireless interphone receiver is partly put into the working state without noise interference, which not only overcomes the annoying "rustling" noise, but also significantly reduces the power consumption of the interphone and extends the effective service time of the interphone battery.

How to use the walkie-talkie's noise reduction function needs to be adjusted and used properly according to different situations, so as to solve the relationship between useful signals and noise reduction.

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The noise-cancelling switch is a function key specially designed to solve the contradiction between the quality of wireless interphone communication and noise. Before the mid - 1990 - s interphone, mute switch on the control panel design, is an adjustable noise control knob (key) (SQL), change the size of the variable resistor, so as to realize the noise from the biggest to the smallest stepless adjustment. Since the mid-1990s, in the design of walkie-talkie, the maximum noise and the minimum noise are divided into several levels, each level is called a level, represented by Numbers, which is called the noise level, also known as the noise level. The noise level of each model is different. The larger the number of noise level is, the higher the level is, and the higher the level is, indicating that the stronger the noise suppression ability is, the less noise or other irrelevant signals will be interfered, and the noise will be smaller, but also the less easy to receive the weak signal that needs to be received. On the contrary, the smaller the number is, the lower the level is, and the lower the level is, the weaker the static noise suppression ability is, the greater the interference from noise and other useless signals is, and the easier it is to receive weak useful signals. Level "0" indicates no noise suppression function, which is the lowest level.

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