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Marine clothes dryers are a kind of drying equipment specially designed for ships. Marine clothes dryers generally adopt the working principle of heat pump or condensation type, which can effectively recover heat energy, save electricity, and reduce the energy consumption and emissions of ships. Marine dryers The structure and materials of the clothes dryer must take into account the special environment of the ship, such as seawater corrosion, humidity changes, hull shaking, etc. Therefore, it is required to have anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, shock-proof and other properties. The capacity and size of the marine clothes dryer must be based on the space of the ship. It can be customized according to the needs. It is generally larger than the household clothes dryer to meet the daily needs of the crew. The operation and maintenance of the marine clothes dryer should be simple and easy for the crew to use and manage. They are generally equipped with automatic control and fault control. Alarm and other functions

The price of marine clothes dryers varies according to different brands, models, functions, capacity, working principles and other factors. Among them, heat pump and condensation dryers are generally more expensive than hot air dryers because they are more energy efficient, can save electricity, and reduce ship energy consumption and emissions. The specific price depends on the market. Supply and demand situation and sales channels, it is recommended that you compare the quotations of several manufacturers or dealers before purchasing and choose a dryer that suits your ship's needs and budget. If you need a marine clothes dryer, you might as well take a look at the IOcean brand. It has been developing and selling marine appliances for more than ten years. It can adapt to various usage scenarios on board: anti-swaying, salt spray, etc., 220V, 110V, 60hz, 50hz, 6kg, Parameters such as 10kg are available, and the models are complete.

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