How Is The Frequency Of The Walkie Talkie Divided?

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The so-called frequency is the frequency of the radio signal generated by the Walkie Talkie during communication. In order to ensure that most users do not interfere with calls and use frequency resources reasonably, the National Radio Station Management Committee divides the use of frequencies and stipulates that different industries use corresponding frequency ranges. The walkie-talkie frequency is generally divided as follows:

Professional walkie-talkie: V segment 136-174MHz; U segment 400-470MHz;

Police use: 350-390MHz;

Coastal use: 220MHz;

Civil walkie-talkie: 409MHz-410MHz

British Entel Walkie Talkie is a professional marine maritime intercom, divided into VHF (156 - 163.275MHz) and UHF (400-470MHZ) two frequency bands. The VHF band walkie-talkie has built-in international, US and Canadian channels, and UHF band walkie-talkies can also be changed free of charge. Regarding the difference between the VHF walkie-talkie and the UHF walkie-talkie, here is an example of an ENTEL walkie-talkie.

According to the electromagnetic theory, the lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength, the weaker the ability of the electric wave to penetrate the building, but the stronger the diffraction ability; the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength, the stronger the ability of the electric wave to penetrate the building, but the diffraction ability The weaker. Therefore, for professional walkie-talkies, because of the high density of buildings in the city, the penetration of radio waves is required, so the U segment (400-470MHz) should be used. If the intercom is used in the open area such as the wilderness or the sea, A radio wave with strong diffraction capability is required, so it is appropriate to use the V segment (136MHz-174MHz).

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