Ocean One A200V Marine Wireless Radio

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A200V Ocean One Walkie Talkie is a marine wireless hand-held Marine Radio. It is certified by waterproof, CE, FCC, RoHS, etc. It has a floating function and achieves IP68 waterproof level. Dropped water will automatically surface, can be soaked in water for more than 60 minutes without water, still can be used normally.

The main features are as follows:

1, IP68 waterproof level

Can be soaked in water for more than 60 minutes without water

2, falling water can float

When the machine is dropped into the water, it can surface

3. VHF Maritime Channel

VHF (156-163.425MHz) maritime channel

4. US, Canadian and international channels

Built-in US, Canadian and international channels for use in specific sea areas

5, LCD display battery life is visible

Various operating and functional statuses are visible on the LCE display

6, monitoring function

Monitor the status of each working channel and listen to all wireless signals in the current band

7, dual-frequency watch / tri-frequency value-keeping function

This unit has a dual-frequency watch and a three-frequency watch, which can be selected in the setup mode.

Dual-frequency value guard: in the current channel, 16 channels in turn watch

Tri-frequency value guard: in the current channel, 16 channels, call channel rotation watchdog

8, automatic scanning function

The scan function is automatically turned on when no signal is received and no operation is performed for 30 seconds.

9, automatic power saving

The automatic power saving function can reduce battery loss and extend battery life.

Ocean One Walkie Talkie


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