The Difference Between Marine Walkie Talkie And Ordinary Walkie-talkie

Dec. 12, 2018 I want to consult

Today, Entel Walkie Talkie manufacturers will discuss with you about the marine maritime intercom.

The Marine Walkie Talkie and the ordinary walkie-talkie are actually no different in appearance. They are mainly distinguished by the frequency range and material. The marine intercom is the VHF maritime band, between 136 and 174 MHz. Because the walkie-talkie used in such an open environment as sea level requires radio waves with strong diffraction ability, it is more suitable to use V-band (156 - 163.275MHz), that is, the VHF band marine walkie-talkie. Most of the urban walkie-talkies belong to the U segment (400-470MHZ). On the other hand, in terms of materials, marine maritime design for the upper grades of the home is basically designed in the applicable marine environment, anti-salt fog, anti-corrosion, dustproof and waterproof.

The Entel intercom is a marine intercom designed for marine ship communication. It has a waterproof capacity of IP68 and can be immersed for one hour without water in the water depth of 5 meters. Therefore, Entel is a better choice for the marine maritime intercom brand.

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