Introduction To The Use Of Maintenance-free Lead-acid Batteries

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1. Cycle life: When the Marine Lead-acid Batterie is recycled, it will discharge and charge for one cycle. The battery cycle life (cycle number) is closely related to the battery's discharge depth, battery environment and charging method.

2, floating charge life: battery float life is mainly affected by the charge and discharge voltage, the surrounding temperature also has an impact on the life of the product.

Battery storage

The battery should be stored in a low-temperature, dry, clean environment to avoid heat and direct sunlight. The battery is fully charged. It is charged once every 3 to 6 months per month at normal temperature.

The battery should be charged immediately after discharge, and the battery should not be placed on discharge for a long time;

The unused battery should be recharged after being left for a period of time until the capacity returns to its original level;

When the capacity is less than 40% of the rated capacity, equalized charging is applied to restore the capacity;

The Marine Valve Regulated Lead-acid Battery can be stored for a longer period of time at low temperatures, such as when the battery is stored at 15 °C, where there is no moisture or no light.

Daily inspection and use

1. Check regularly (at least every three months) that the following abnormalities will cause the battery to be damaged and need to be replaced.

a. Any voltage anomaly

b. Any physical influence

c. Any electrolyte leaks out

d. Any abnormal fever

Application range

1, UPS uninterruptible power supply

2. Emergency lighting system

3, fire, security defense system

4, ship equipment

5, the engine starts

6, electronic equipment and other backup power supplies, etc.

Marine Lead-acid Batteries


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