How To Implement The Requirements For Reducing Air Pollution Emissions From Ships?

Dec. 24, 2018 I want to consult

By setting up the ship's air pollutant emission control area (hereinafter referred to as the emission control area), the emission of air pollutants such as sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds will be reduced, and the air quality of coastal and inland ports will be continuously improved.

1. Applicable objects: Applicable to ships sailing, berthing and working in the emission control zone.

Second, the scope of emission control area: refers to the emission control area including the coastal control area and the inland river control area.

Third, the control requirements:

(1) Sulfur oxide and particulate matter emission control requirements.

(2) Nitrogen oxide emission control requirements.

(3) The requirements for the use of shore power by ships relying on port.

(4) Other ships may use alternative measures such as clean energy, new energy, onboard power storage devices or exhaust gas aftertreatment to meet ship emission control requirements.

Finally, ships should strictly implement other existing international conventions and domestic laws, regulations, and standards to regulate emission control requirements for atmospheric pollutants.

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