Technical Characteristics Of Marine Batteries

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1. Adapt to long-term floating charge of marine equipment:

Excellent cycle performance, especially suitable for deep cycle applications. It has high charging speed, high efficiency, excellent recovery performance and no need for balanced charging after deep discharge. It is the ideal recycling battery. (Note: The ship's battery is in a floating state every day for emergency use.)

2. Adapt to ship tilt, vibration and rocking to prevent electrolyte dryness:

Colloidal electrolyte, no fluidity, electrolyte does not cause delamination inside the battery, the plate is resistant to vulcanization, and the battery does not dry out.

3. Adapt to the high and low temperature environment of the ship, resist moisture, salt spray and mold.

Low thermal resistance, large heat capacity, wide operating temperature range: -30 ° C ~ +50 ° C can be used normally;

Haizhi battery shell and cover material adopt ABS, strengthen the resistance fuel (HP grade); good flame retardancy, high mechanical strength and strong corrosion resistance.

4. Adapt to the unstable voltage system of the ship:

When the battery is not fully charged, it can discharge the battery, or it can continue to operate under the condition of insufficient long-term charging. It will not cause any damage to the battery; it has good reliability and no leakage, especially suitable for occasions where the power supply voltage is unstable. (Note: The ship power system is an independent limited power grid, and both voltage and frequency are subject to changes due to load changes.)

5. Really maintenance free and long life:

The consumption of the electrolyte is very small, and it is basically unnecessary to replenish distilled water for the service life. The service life is generally twice that of a normal battery.

Marine Battery supplier Huazhihang can provide 2V, 4V, 12V series valve-controlled sealed (AGM) and colloidal (GEL) Marine Valve Regulated Lead-acid Battery for start-up, communication lighting, backup battery, uninterruptible power supply, etc. Ship power system.

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