The Difference Between Civilian Walkie-talkie And Maritime Walkie-talkie

Nov. 22, 2018 I want to consult

Interphones can be divided into civil, maritime, military, police, etc. according to the field of use. Today, China Airlines is going to introduce civilian walkie-talkies and VHF Marine Radio.

The maritime intercom is the intercom for the sea, also known as the ship radio. These intercoms are more suitable for the safe navigation at sea due to the harsh environment and large changes in sea temperature. The working frequency is also uniform according to the uniform regulations of international maritime communication. The working frequency range of the maritime walkie-talkie, the frequency band is VHF: 156 MHz-163.275 MHz, UHF: 430 MHz-470 MHz. In addition, in order to adapt to the communication requirements at sea, marine maritime intercoms should fully consider waterproofing, salt spray and other factors in structural design. Excellent waterproofing is also the main indicator of marine maritime intercom. The Entel brand walkie-talkies are all maritime models and are IP68 rated, so Entel is the better choice for maritime walkie-talkies.

Civil walkie-talkies, that is, walkie-talkies available to the general public, the performance of civilian walkie-talkies varies from demand to demand, expensive and cheaper. The difference between it and the maritime intercom is that on the frequency, the civilian walkie-talkie can only talk within the civilian frequency range.

The Entel Walkie Talkie is the maritime intercom designed for ship communication. If you have any questions, Huazhihang can serve you.

Entel Walkie Talkie


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