What Should We Do If Marine Lead-acid Batteries Battery Bulge?

Dec. 03, 2018 I want to consult

There are several reasons for Marine Lead-acid Batteries bulging:

1. The safety valve is not properly exhausted.

2. The battery management program chip parameter design of the switching power supply system does not match the usage characteristics of the lead-acid battery.

3. The battery compartment temperature sensing line is not connected, resulting in the system failing to convert from equalizing to floating charging when the temperature reaches 40 °C.

4, poor battery ventilation conditions.

How do you deal with the bulging problem of the battery now? Maintenance Free Battery Supplier can answer the following points for you:

1. In order to shorten the charging time, avoid the battery bulging caused by overcharging, reset the floating charging conversion conditions, and change the equalizing conversion condition to automatically convert to floating charging operation.

2. Connect the temperature sensor of the switching power supply to the battery cabinet, so that the floating charging voltage of the switching power supply can be adjusted according to the ambient temperature. Increase over-temperature protection. When the temperature reaches 40 °C, the system automatically switches to floating charge operation to avoid battery bulging caused by continuous high-current charging.

3. In order to prevent overcharging of the battery and shorten the equalization protection time, when the charging current cannot be reduced to the set floating charging conversion current value, the system is forced to float in the specified time.

Marine Lead-acid Batteries


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