What Are The Ship Communication Systems?

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(1) Type

Ship communications can be divided into two categories: distress and safety communications and general communications, which are necessary to ensure the safe navigation and normal operation of the ship, and are essential for the safety of life at sea.

Ship communication can be divided into: visual signal communication, acoustic signal communication and radio communication. (2) Radio communication

In radiocommunication, the SOLAS Convention developed by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and the Radio Regulations developed by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) have clear provisions on distress and safety communications, and these communications related to distress and safety are mandatory. Including the frequency of use, communication methods, duty system, equipment, etc., all ships engaged in international voyages must comply. General communication mainly refers to communication in transportation production and ship business. The frequency and communication method used mainly depend on the specific conditions of each country, but these should also be subject to the radio regulations.

Radio communication equipment

Radio communication equipment mainly includes Mom key telegraph, digital selective call (DSC), narrowband direct printing telegraph (NBDP), VHF Marine Radio, single sideband radio communication, VHF radiotelephone (VHF), maritime satellite communication system. (INMARSAT).

2. VHF radiotelephone communication

In the VHF channel, according to regulations, CH. 16 is a dedicated channel for listening and distressing and calling. In daily business communication, it can only be used to establish a call for communication. At the beginning of the communication, the CH should be used first, except for the agreement. 16 calls, once the communication contact is established, should immediately transfer to other working channels. The basic methods of wireless telephone communication are: plain language communication and code language communication. The communication should use plain language whenever possible. When there is a language barrier, the signal code can be used; VHF radiotelephone communication should follow the relevant standard procedures to ensure the smooth communication.


The GMDSS system is a global communications network that is subject to the 1979 International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue. The purpose of this communication network is to guarantee the safety of life and property at sea. The entire system is required to enable the search and rescue agency (SAR) on the shore and other vessels in the vicinity of the ship in distress to immediately receive a distress alert, and even a short delay to coordinate the rescue. The system also provides a wide range of necessary precautions, such as the timely release of information that contributes to the safety of maritime navigation, including navigational warnings, weather forecasts and other maritime emergency information; in addition, ships can use the equipped GMDSS communication equipment to reliably complete their daily operations. Communication. The functions of GMDSS mainly include alarm, search and rescue coordination communication, search and rescue field communication, location, maritime safety information (MSI) broadcast, general public service communication, and bridge communication to the bridge. GMDSS overcomes the serious limitations of the maritime distress and safety systems used in the past and is a revolution in marine distress and safety systems.

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