motorola walkie-talkie intrinsically safe

Jun. 24, 2021 I want to consult

Motorola is very famous in the communication industry. It is essential to choose explosion-proof communication equipment with high safety performance in dangerous workplaces. For example, the Motorola intrinsically safe walkie-talkie DP4401Ex is very good. The mining explosion-proof grades that are available under the mine description can be used by the working group working in the mine. Improve the safety performance of communication equipment.

Motorola's intrinsically safe walkie-talkie DP4401Ex can be used for both digital and analog, and the talk distance and quality are relatively good. The performance is designed to ensure the safety of users. Motorola's intrinsically safe walkie-talkie DP4401Ex has passed ATEX dustproof level In addition to the gas explosion-proof level, there is also a mining level, which can be used safely in an flammable, explosive and hazardous gas environment. Ergonomic design, easy to operate and use, with custom buttons and intuitive user interface, excellent durability, and has an IP67 rating, which increases the service life of the machine. The eye-catching orange emergency button on the fuselage can quickly ask for help when needed.

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motorola walkie-talkie intrinsically safe


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