marine barometer

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The marine barometer is an instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure. It is one of the indispensable equipment on the ship. It can provide important information and reference for the navigation, navigation and safety of the ship. Marine barometers are mainly used in the following three aspects:

Predict weather changes and wind direction: Atmospheric pressure is one of the important factors affecting weather changes. Generally speaking, the weather in high-pressure areas is sunny, and the weather in low-pressure areas is cloudy and rainy. The speed and amplitude of pressure changes also reflect the stability and changing trends of the weather. . By observing and recording the readings of the ship's barometer, the ship can judge the current weather conditions and future weather forecasts, so as to make reasonable navigation plans and response measures. In addition, the distribution and change of atmospheric pressure will also affect the direction and intensity of the wind. Through the marine barometer, the ship can know the source and direction of the wind, thereby adjusting the angle and position of the sail, and using the wind force to propel the ship forward.

Measure altitude: There is a close relationship between atmospheric pressure and altitude. Generally speaking, the higher the altitude, the lower the atmospheric pressure, and the lower the altitude, the higher the atmospheric pressure. Through the marine barometer, the ship can calculate its altitude based on changes in atmospheric pressure, thereby determining its position and route. This is particularly important for ships sailing in mountainous areas or inland waters, as they need to avoid collisions with obstacles such as mountains or bridges, and also need to consider changes in water levels to ensure the safety and smoothness of the ship.

Calibrating other instruments: The marine barometer can not only be used as an independent instrument, but also as a reference standard to calibrate other instruments, such as compasses, meteorological instruments, water depth gauges, etc. These instruments need to be adjusted and corrected accordingly according to changes in atmospheric pressure to ensure their accuracy and reliability. Through marine barometers, ships can check and calibrate these instruments in a timely manner, thereby improving the accuracy and efficiency of ship navigation and navigation.

The use of marine barometer is multi-faceted. It can provide important data and reference for ship's weather prediction, altitude measurement and instrument calibration.

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marine barometer


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