What is a Marine Walkie Talkie?

Apr. 28, 2019 I want to consult

The radio interphone which is specially used for maritime navigation is called maritime radio interphone and also called Marine Walkie Talkie. Maritime wireless interphone is a professional interphone with harsh operating environment, wide range of ship activities and large changes in sea temperature. In order to meet the needs of global maritime safe navigation, its product design is very professional and its working frequency is uniform.

In accordance with the unified provisions of international maritime communications, the working frequency range of Marine walkie-talkies is from 156.025mhz to 157.425mhz for TX and from 156.025mhz to 163.275mhz for RX. The working channels are divided into international, us and Canadian channels, and there are 10 weather channels (8 are us weather channels and 2 are Canadian weather channels). The three working channels are the three standard versions, and the various Marine walkie-talkies have three standard versions. Users according to the requirements of the use of walkie-talkies in the selection of Marine at the same time also choose different versions of the frequency. The frequency standard version of the United States is widely used in many countries. In order to adapt to the requirements of Marine communication, the factors such as waterproof, anti-salt fog and anti-solar radiation should be fully considered in the structure design. The excellent waterproof is the main index of Marine interphone.

Marine Walkie Talkie


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