Marine Lead-acid Battery Skill Knowledge

Oct. 17, 2018 I want to consult

The commonly used Marine Battery, for ships, namely marine lead-acid batteries, achieves the output of electric energy through the reversible transformation of chemical energy and electric energy. It has the characteristics of large capacity, simple maintenance and reliable operation. It is widely used in ships as emergency equipment. One of the important equipment. Under normal circumstances, the marine motor crew often lacks the attention it deserves for the maintenance of the battery. It is not always clear to know the cause and operation of the sulfurization of the lead-acid battery and the emergency treatment after the vulcanization. Telling about this, if you can inspire the electrician, it will be beneficial to the maintenance of the ship battery.

First, the cause of vulcanization of Marine Lead-acid Batteries

1. Lack of electrolyte. Due to excessive evaporation of distilled water (or pure water) or accidental pour of electrolyte, it is not replenished in time, causing the liquid level to be too low, and the surface of the pole is exposed for a long time, causing vulcanization on the upper plate.

 2. The electrolyte is not pure. Under normal circumstances, an unqualified electrolyte is used, and the battery is scrapped in about one year.

3. Frequent discharge of the battery or deep discharge of small current will produce more lead sulfate in the depth of the plate.

4, the lack of regular over-charging, or insufficient charging, more or less part of the active substance can not be reduced lead sulfate.

5. The electrolyte density is too high or the temperature is too high or too low.

6. Internal short circuit faults are not eliminated in time.

7. Long-term exposure to semi-discharge or discharge (such as leakage).

8. After discharge (referring to about half of the power is placed or the voltage is at 22V or below or the electrolyte indication has reached the yellow part), the charging cannot be replenished in time.

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