Safety Precautions For Walkie-talkies

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Safety Precautions for walkie-talkies

1.In the car with airbag, do not place the talkie on the fan that may be involved in the airbag deployment. If the intercom is in the area that may be involved in the airbag deployment,

Once the airbag is deployed quickly, the intercom could injure the occupants of the car with a tremendous impact

2. In the atmospheric environment or occasions with potential explosion, the interphone shall be closed unless it is a certified Explosion-proof Radio 

3. Do not replace or charge the batteries in the atmosphere with potential explosion. Safety and disassembly of the battery may cause contact with the spark well when the derivative bursts

4. Before approaching the blasting area and the detonator area, the intercom must be shut down to prevent the rabbit from causing a possible explosion

Explosion-proof Radio

Regular dimension of intercom

1. After long-term use of the interphone, it is easy to change the atrium by pressing the button, the control knob and the housing. First remove the control screw from the intercom. Wash well with a neutral agent (do not use harsh chemicals)

The agent) and the transparent cloth clear machine case. The use of chemicals such as decontaminants, alcohol, sprays and petroleum-based preparations may result in surface and external damage to the intercom

2, after the interphone, do not portable antenna interphone

3. If you do not use the accessories, please put on the dust cover (if equipped), U can choose to try the Dustproof Marine Radio on the ocean


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