Ocean one Throat microphone OC-Headset-T88

Suitable for Entel, Motorola, Marantz, ICOM, Ocean one brands such as radio

II 2G Ex ia IIC T3 Ga Explosion Proof

EU ATEX intrinsically safe certification

Passed CE, FCC, RoHS certification

IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof


The throat conduction headset is a Compact and lightweight communication unit designed for extremely dangerous environments . It can be used easily and help you free your hands completely , and will help to enhance personal safety and improve work efficiency . The speaker and the microphone are integrated in a small area .The receiving voice is delivered to the inner ear through the transparent tube . So the communication content is safe and confidential and will not leak .


Digital Remote Speaker Microphone use the latest digital signal processing (DSP) technology , which can filter out the impact sound and other environment noise . The noise is checked and digital processed before transferring . User can talk freely in up to 120dB noisy environment .

The RSM can be used with a communication headset or be used alone , and the voice is clear . It is suitable for a variety of applications , including the flammable or explosive environment .

The RSM has patented design of a large PTT button with speaker function . That makes it easy to press the PTT button . You can switch freely between manual mode and voice control mode , which can makes the communication more convenient .

Compliance with EU intrinsically safe certification standards

Passed the EU ATEX II 2G Ex ib IIC T3 intrinsically safe explosion-proof certification, in line with the SOLAS regulations for ship firefighters communication


PTT big button helps release hands for easy intercom

OC-Headset-T88 Throat microphone only recognizes the sound of human vocal cords,DSP digital noise reduction have strong anti-noise ability, different from traditional headphones, The bone transmission microphone is not adversely affected by external sound even in noisy environments it also can provides clear calls. Large size PTT easy to use switch even when wearing gloves or protective clothing.


Two use functions:Throat micphone  and speaker microphone

The special headset for product connection can realize the function of throat headset.

If disconnecte from the special headset can also be used as a shoulder microphone.


Do not affect the use of protective equipment such as masks and helmets


Waterproof and dustproof , firm connection , suitable for firefighting and dangerous task

Throat conduction headset 




vibration sensor,noise attenuation 30dB


32ohm,air tube transfer


straight line (flame retardant):4.2mm/750mm


6pin quick plug-in type

Operation temperature


Operation voltage



95%RH,+63°C,500 hours(continuous)

Digital Voice shoulder microphone 


polycarbonate,silicone rubber


4.3mm spring line(flame retardant)


6 core quick plug-in type

Operation temperature


Operation voltage


Protection grade



95%RH,+63°C,500 hours(continuous)

Power supply

1100mAh Rechargeable lithium polymer battery


Line protection device

Pulse current sensor(M3-A/M3-W)

Battery lifetime

More than 15 hours(Normal room temperature(M3-A/M3-W)

  • Q:What are the advantages of the Ocean one walkie-talkie?

    A: 1, Ocean one walkie-talkie is a marine radio brand, specialized production and sales of maritime radio, high professional 2, anti-salt fog anti-corrosion material, in line with the marine environment. 3, Ocean one walkie-talkie through the European ATEX explosion-proof certification, IP68 waterproof certification, CE certification, FCC certification, RoHS certification. 4. Stable performance and reliable quality. The Ocean one brand walkie-talkie includes a waterproof walkie-talkie and an explosion-proof walkie-talkie. The waterproof walkie-talkie has an IP68 rating and can float in the water. The explosion-proof walkie-talkie level reaches the IIB T4 explosion-proof level. 5, the price is reasonable, there is a competitive advantage. 6, Ocean one radio is HZH own production and sales of the brand, you can be agents of our products, becoming Ocean one walkie-talkie agent You can send us an email to info@hzhmarine.com to contact us.

  • Q:Can I represent the walkie-talkie of HZH?

    A: Yes, you can become the agent of HZH's Ocean one walkie-talkie. You can send us an email to info@hzhmarine.com to contact us.

  • Q:Which brand walkie-talkies does HZH sell?

    A: HZH sales of walkie-talkie brands are Ocean one, Entel, Standard Horizon, Motorola, ICOM and so on. The Ocean one walkie-talkie is a brand that HZH has produced and sold. Entel, Standard Horizon, Motorola, ICOM are the agent brands of HZH. You can send us an email to info@hzhmarine.com to contact us.


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