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Floating charging of marine batteries refers to running a fully charged battery pack in parallel with the charging equipment. Floating charging mainly provides a constant load by the charging equipment. The battery does not supply power at ordinary times. The charging equipment uses a small current to supplement the self-discharge of the battery, and due to the load A small amount of discharge caused by a sudden increase in voltage during a short circuit.

The purpose of float charging is to keep the voltage of the battery within the float voltage range, thereby extending the life of the battery, compensating for capacity loss caused by self-discharge, and inhibiting sulfation caused by recrystallization of active materials.

The method of floating charging is to keep the output voltage of the charger constant at the floating charging voltage of the battery, which is generally 13.2V~13.8V for 12V batteries and 26.4V~27.6V for 24V batteries. The float charge current should be determined based on the battery's capacity and self-discharge rate, which is generally a capacity value of 0.5% to 1%.

The following points should be noted when floating charging:

Before floating charging, the battery should be fully charged with constant current or constant voltage to ensure that the battery is in a full state.

During floating charging, the temperature, liquid level, specific gravity, terminals, shell and other conditions of the battery should be regularly checked to detect and deal with abnormal situations in a timely manner.

Overcharging or overdischarging should be avoided during float charging to prevent battery damage or safety accidents.

When floating charging, appropriate charging equipment and circuits should be used in accordance with specifications and requirements, and measures such as fire prevention, explosion prevention, and leakage prevention should be taken.

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