Common models of walkie talkie motorola

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Walkie talkie motorola is recognized by people for its advantages of reliable quality and guaranteed quality, and occupies a certain position in the field of walkie-talkies. So, what are the commonly used models of walkie talkie motorola?


Walkie talkie motorola's special voice compression and low-level expansion technology can achieve more crisp, clear and powerful voice quality, and can maintain unimpeded communication even in noisy environments. Walkie talkie motorola commonly used models are: GP328, GP338, GP340, GP3688, XIR P6600I, XIRP3688 and so on. They have a 5W high-power output, built-in voice for non-handheld operations, and activate this feature by using a standard headset. When charging the whole machine, the power switch should be turned off. It is not allowed to perform the call transmission operation at the same time during charging, so as to avoid the accident of burning the components or the battery.


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Common models of walkie talkie motorola


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