walkie talkie gp338 1piece

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GP338 is a natural choice for people who always work mobile and need smart power to support two-way communication, increase productivity and shorten shutdown time, especially for construction workers, contractors, engineers, security personnel, miners, and prospectors And others, because this model provides a series of expandable functions.

The walkie-talkie gp338 can provide a series of signaling functions such as: MDC1200, Quik CallII and dual-tone multi-frequency. Using forward error correction technology, even when the voice signal is too weak to be heard, it can receive messages. Built-in voice activated transmission (VOX) strict squelch/normal squelch technology provides excellent voice clarity. GP338 has Intrinsically safe, it can be used in hazardous environments and has been certified by the US explosion-proof standard. Passed the US military standard 810C/D/E test, high-pitched alarm. GP338 has 128 channels, which can realize one-key communication effortlessly.

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walkie talkie gp338 1piece


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