tr30 aviation intercom

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The TR30 aviation intercom is an emergency VHF AM radio and is the only emergency VHF AM radio that complies with SOLAS 74, Chapter 4, Article 7, MSC 80 (70). It is mainly used for communication with air search and rescue services, SOLAS passenger ships, some mobile offshore drilling units (MODU), polar coded ships

It has two batteries, a sealed emergency battery and a rechargeable test battery.

The TR30 aviation radio comes with a sealed emergency battery, test battery, hand strap and a holder for the radio and battery. Its construction is rugged and exceeds typical maritime requirements. Its advantage is that it floats on the water regardless of the battery used. The innovative noise-cancelling microphone filters out background noise and incorporates a high-output speaker. This combination provides clearer communications with aerial search and rescue services in extreme environments. The TR30 Aviation Intercom can also be used with a variety of waterproof speaker-microphone accessories for hands-free use in noisy aircraft operations

The main steps to use the TR30 aviation walkie-talkie are as follows:

Select the appropriate battery and install it on the radio. If emergency batteries are used, the radio will automatically enter the preset emergency mode and can only use the 121.5 MHz and 123.1 MHz channels. If using test batteries, the radio can use any channel between 118.0 MHz and 136.975 MHz

Turn the radio's switch knob clockwise to the on position. You will hear a beep and the screen will light up.

Select the appropriate channel according to your needs and adjust it with the up and down keys or knob. If you need to enter a specific frequency, you can hold down the knob for 3 seconds and then use the numeric keys to enter the frequency.

Press and hold the PTT key (push-to-talk key) to transmit, release the PTT key to receive. When transmitting, the TX icon will be displayed on the screen, and when receiving, the RX icon will be displayed on the screen

If you need to adjust the volume, you can use the left and right keys or knob to adjust it. If you need to mute, you can press and hold the left and right buttons for 3 seconds. At this time, the MUTE icon will be displayed on the screen.

If you need to use accessories such as a speakerphone or headphones, you can plug them into connector 1 of the radio. If using a speaker mic, you can hold down the PTT key on it to transmit

If you need to turn off the radio, turn the switch knob counterclockwise to the off position.

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