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Marine walkie-talkies are extremely professional walkie-talkies. Due to the harsh environment of the ship, wide range of activities and great changes at sea, there are strict requirements on the communication products used by them. Marine walkie-talkies are important communication tools on ships. , It means that crew members need to provide regular feedback and short-term communication when working, as well as simplified and effective communication through the ship’s intercom. Where is the marine intercom that can be well adapted to the use of ships?

Ocean one, a Chinese intercom brand, provides A200V marine marine intercoms to meet the harsh requirements of the marine environment for external communications. It has passed relevant testing and certification, has a good IP68 waterproof rating, and the speaker has an automatic water removal function to prevent water from affecting the sound effect of the speaker. Increase the service life of the product machine, with built-in international, Canadian and American channel groups, which can be used in specific sea areas, convenient to operate, convey work tasks during work, and improve work efficiency.

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ship maritime intercom


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