motorola walkie talkie gp328

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Motorola walkie-talkies are rich in functions and compact in structure. They are designed according to ergonomic principles and are easy to operate. The channel knob is replaced by a simple navigation button, which allows you to quickly switch between user channels, with a high cost performance. Motorola walkie talkie gp328 is a walkie-talkie commonly used by Motorola walkie-talkies, with the following characteristics:

1. motorola walkie talkie gp328 can contact one person, ten people or one hundred people to improve work efficiency.

2. One call, no need to pay for airtime

3. Advanced audio technology, using special voice compression, can achieve a more crisp and clear voice quality, even in a noisy environment can maintain smooth communication

4. Three-color LED battery fuel gauge to remind users to charge in time when the power is too low

5. Emergency alarm, emergency button to provide users with immediate rescue warning prompt

6.16 channels, providing users with 16 channels

7. Channel Scanning

8. Switchable RF power, optimize coverage area and save battery consumption

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motorola walkie talkie gp328


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