marine dryer types

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The main differences between heat pump and condensation dryers are as follows:

Working principle: Heat pump dryers use compressor pressurized refrigerant to dissipate heat and absorb water vapor through the condenser, capillary tube and evaporator to complete drying; condensation dryers are relatively simple and use heated air to precipitate moisture through the condensation system. Complete drying

Energy consumption: Heat pump dryers circulate energy internally and consume less electricity; condensing dryers require electricity to heat the air, which dissipates a certain amount of heat and consumes relatively high power.

Drying temperature: The drying temperature of heat pump dryers is generally below 60°C, which is more friendly to clothing fabrics and can dry more types of clothes without causing high temperature damage; the drying temperature of condensing dryers is generally below 60°C. Between -70℃, there will be some damage to clothes

Drying effect: The clothes dried by the heat pump dryer are more even, drier, fluffier, and have fewer wrinkles, and can also improve the effect of removing bacteria and mites; the clothes dried by the condensing dryer may be wet. There are more air residues and wrinkles, and the effect of removing bacteria and mites is also poor.

Environmental impact: The heat pump dryer is not affected by the temperature and humidity of the external environment. Whether it is placed on a high-temperature balcony or a closed bathroom, it will not affect the drying effect, nor will it heat up or humidify the indoor environment; condensation If the ambient temperature of the dryer is too high, the drying efficiency will be significantly reduced, and the temperature of the closed bathroom will also be significantly increased.

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marine dryer types


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