marine battery installation

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There are many steps involved in the installation and maintenance of marine batteries. Here are some basic methods and precautions:

Before installation, verify battery compatibility with the ship's electronic systems, including voltage and current requirements.

During installation, make sure the battery is placed in a dry, well-ventilated area and away from any substances that may cause a fire.

The battery should be securely secured to prevent it from moving or tipping over during the voyage.

Once the battery is in place, use an insulating material such as rubber or plastic spacers to connect the battery terminals to reduce the risk of corrosion.

After installation, regularly check the condition of the battery, including electrolyte levels, terminal corrosion, and battery casing for cracks or damage.

For flooded batteries, standard electrolyte needs to be added during daily maintenance and the fluid level must be maintained within the range recommended by the manufacturer.

For valve-regulated batteries, there is no need to add electrolyte, but overcharging or rapid charging should be avoided to avoid damage to the battery.

Before charging, check that there is no hot work near the battery room and maintain good ventilation.

During the charging process, check and measure the respective voltages of the two batteries connected in series. If there is a large difference, it may indicate that one of the batteries has seriously aged or has a plate short circuit.

After charging, perform a performance test on the battery to evaluate the overall health of the battery. If the test results show a decrease in battery performance, a more in-depth inspection or even battery replacement may be necessary.

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marine battery installation


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