gmdss survival craft radio

Mar. 26, 2022 I want to consult

Just like on land, life at sea is also inseparable from communication. Ships sailing on the vast sea, in case of danger, can the radio communication equipment on board be used for rescue in a timely, accurate and effective manner, and a distress signal is sent to the shore, which is very important It is very important for the crew, so whether the gmdss survival craft radio can be fully utilized will play a great role in the safety of navigation and search and rescue in distress. Which gmdss survival craft radio is more suitable?

The editor recommends that you take a look at the HT649 two-way radio of the Entel brand, which is part of the GMDSS system, and has been certified by MED with the necessary wheel markings, for those who need no compromise, full function , For those who have a portable GMDSS with a high-visibility backlit LCD, the HT649 will exceed the expectations of radio users and bring you a different experience. From solid ergonomics that feel comfortable in the hand to incredibly loud audio, the portable version of the ht649 easily outpaces the competition.

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gmdss survival craft radio


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