Explosion proof intercom principle

Dec. 23, 2019 I want to consult

Explosion proof intercom refers to walkie-talkies that can work in explosive gas environments. Unlike ordinary walkie-talkies, explosion proof intercom does not refer to walkie-talkies that can resist explosions, but rather walkie-talkies that can work in explosive gas environments. Do you know why it can be explosion-proof?


We know that walkie-talkies need electromagnetic waves to convey people's output signals. However, people's output signals are strictly alternated by electric and magnetic fields. In this alternating process, sparks can easily occur. The explosion-proof walkie-talkie is because the line has undergone some special physical changes when it is working. When the signal starts to be transmitted, the areas that are prone to sparks are directly shielded, so that the sparks can be prevented from coming into contact with dangerous gases and exploding. Therefore, explosion proof intercom is explosion-proof by this principle.


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