Explosion-proof walkie talkie GP328

May. 06, 2021 I want to consult

In the field of communications, walkie-talkies still occupy a place, thanks to the unique functions and use environment of walkie-talkies, they are not restricted by the network, and they are simple and practical to use.

Explosion-proof walkie talkie GP328 can respond immediately, providing customers with multiple programming functions, allowing long-term intercom; there are two frequency bands to choose from VHF and UHF; the body is rich in texture, drop-proof, dust-proof, sturdy and durable. It can be used with Ocean one bone conduction headphones to free your hands and work more efficiently. Using forward error correction technology, even when the voice signal is too weak to be heard, it can receive messages such as call reminders and send PTT-ID. Hand-held, easy to carry.

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motorola explosion-proof walkie talkie gp328


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