24v marine batterys

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The 24V marine battery is a device that provides power to ships. It can store and release electrical energy without an external power source to meet various power needs of the ship. The application scenarios of 24V marine batteries are roughly as follows:

Starting of the ship's main generator: The ship's main generator is a power generation device driven by diesel or other fuels. It is the main power source of the ship. 

However, the main generator requires a certain voltage and current when starting, which requires a 24V marine battery to provide it. Generally speaking, the starting voltage of the main generator is 24V and the starting current is 300-600A.

Ship emergency lighting and communication: When the ship encounters an emergency, such as fire, collision, sinking, etc., the main generator may fail or be cut off. At this time, a 24V marine battery is needed to provide emergency lighting and communication power. Generally speaking, the voltage of emergency lighting and communication is 12V or 24V, and the power is 10-20W

Power supply for ship auxiliary equipment: In addition to main generators and emergency lighting and communications, ships also have some auxiliary equipment, such as navigation instruments, alarm systems, automatic control systems, etc., which also require stable power supply. The voltage and power of these devices vary according to different types and specifications, but generally range from 12V-48V

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