24v marine battery life

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The life of a 24V marine battery refers to the number of charge and discharge cycles that can be performed while maintaining a certain output capacity. The life of the battery is affected by many factors, such as charging and discharging conditions, ambient temperature, electrolyte maintenance, vibration and shock, etc. Generally speaking, the service life of 24V marine batteries can reach 3-5 years under normal use and maintenance.

If you want to extend the life of your 24V marine battery, you can refer to the following suggestions:

Avoid over-discharge and over-charge, and control the charging voltage and current within a reasonable range.

Balance charging is performed regularly to balance the performance of each battery in the battery pack.

Keep the battery clean, dry and ventilated to prevent corrosion and leakage.

Check and adjust the electrolyte level and specific gravity, and add pure water or standard electrolyte.

Avoid not using or leaving it for a long time, and recharge it in time.

To adapt to the vibration and tilt of the ship, adopt vibration reduction or isolation measures to enhance the mechanical structure.

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24v marine battery life


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