• EA12/950 Explosion-proof Walkie talkie Earphones

EA12/950 Explosion-proof Walkie talkie Earphones


Explosion-proof Earphones

ATEX II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb


A 'D' shaped, soft rubber-feel earpiece which fits over your ear. This is connected to a combined tie clip microphone and press to talk button via a curly cable. A rotating strain relief clip can attach to your collar to prevent the earpiece being dislodged if the cable were pulled. The Explosion-proof Earphones EA12/950 allows the radio user to carry the radio on their belt and have the facility to both make and receive calls without removing their radio. This keeps the radio safe and ensures that calls are not missed, especially in noisy environments. This accessory is designed for light to medium duty applications, so to ensure maximum life span it should be personally allocated to users.

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