What Are The Fire Bone Conduction Headphones?

Jan. 06, 2019 I want to consult

HZH introduces you to the Ocean one brand bone conduction headphones. Ocean one bone conduction earphones, namely the OC-Headset-T88 for the laryngeal headset and the OC-Headset-S88 for the skull headset, both of which are explosion-proof headphones, can liberate both hands, and can also be used normally with a respirator, allowing firefighters to Normal and effective communication.

The Throat Microphones are worn around the neck and sound through the vibration of the throat

Throat Microphone

The Skull Microphone is mounted on the helmet and sounds through the skull vibration.

Skull Microphone

HZH is committed to providing high-quality communication services and solutions for ships, providing you with suitable and competitive marine fire-fighting bone conduction headphones.


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