Basic Maintenance Of Portable Marine Radio Glitch

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Basic Maintenance Of Portable Marine Radio Glitch

Portable Marine Radio Manufacturer shares that:

Cannot talk with other members of the group: first, confirm whether the frequency and sub-audio signal you are using is the same as other members of the group; If there is no problem, please confirm whether other members of the group are in the service area.

Sound of other team members on the channel? Please change the subaudio signal sound, and must also reorganize all the intercom signal sound, or apply for a more frequency conversion point.

How long will it last after the battery is properly charged? Battery life expired, please update the battery. (nickel-metal hydride batteries generally charge and discharge 500 times in normal use, and lithium batteries 1000 times)

                                              Portable Marine Radio Manufacturer

Walkie-talkie doesn't scan? The channel is not included in the scanning (set by professionals) or the scanning function of the whole interphone is closed during programming.

Full frequency noise after programming? The walkie-talkie program turns on all the noise. Non-professionals advise against adjusting functional parameters.

Regular beeping after programming? Intercom programming error. The programmed frequency exceeds the specified frequency range of the intercom or the selected model is inconsistent with the machine.

Use earphone after period of time silent? The earplug socket of the intercom is broken. Send it to the maintenance station for repair.

Poor call proximity sensitivity? Check whether the antenna is intact and whether the antenna base is loose or damaged (please send it to the maintenance station for repair).

Can a Marine Walkie Talkie pick up the other person's speech but not transmit it? Check the PTT button. Send it to the maintenance station for repair.

Unable to power on or lose power frequently? Check whether the interphone battery contacts are deformed or broken.

No or wrong display on the intercom with LCD? Broken LCD or poor contact of conductive rubber caused by falling or improper use of interphone (send to maintenance station for repair).

Is the other party receiving low or intermittent voice? Check whether the small hole in the MIC feeding place of the interphone is blocked; Intermittent and noisy reception? To the limit of the intercom communication distance or tall buildings blocked in the basement, etc. (no please send to the maintenance station for maintenance).


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