[Motorola]How to adjust the sensitivity of walkie-talkie receiving?

May. 13, 2019 I want to consult

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Do you know any of the ways to increase the intercom distance? 

1. Increase the transmitting power; 2. Increase the antenna; 3. The same is true for the MOTOROLA walkie-talkie, so what are the ways in which the MOTOROLA walkie-talkie adjusts the reception sensitivity?

The receiver sensitivity of the MOTOROLA walkie-talkie greatly affects the communication distance. General interphone factory, the sensitivity has been adjusted to the best state according to the relevant technical requirements, in the absence of professional equipment and technical personnel, do not adjust the interphone reception sensitivity. For users, in addition to adjusting the threshold value of the walkie-talkie, they can also improve the receiver sensitivity of the walkie-talkie by changing to a high-gain antenna. For example, for the antenna of the handset, the pull rod type gain is the highest; Whip r / 4 times, spring spiral minimum. Machine outdoor antenna gain has clearly stated when leaving the factory, the higher the average gain of the antenna, its physical size also the longer, the greater the capacity of the weak signals. When it is used in antenna, we should pay attention to change with the frequency of the antenna (antenna in different frequency bands cannot be used interchangeably). Otherwise, not only will not increase the receiving sensitivity, even may cause a large standing wave due to antenna mismatch, damages the rf power amplifier.

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