How To Judge The Authenticity Of The Motorola Walkie Talkie Battery?

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Except for the Motorola logo and logo on the battery label and battery case that look slightly different, the structure of the battery surface is slightly different, the fake Motorola battery is really similar to the original Motorola battery, but this is a superficial phenomenon. Remove the case and you will find the difference between the original Motorola battery and the fake walkie-talkie battery. How to identify the true and false Motorola Marine Radio battery is particularly important.

The battery inside the walkie-talkie battery

After a number of rigorous inspections of high-quality batteries that meet various standards, the capacity of a single battery core is consistent, and the assembled intercom battery has excellent continuous performance and long-lasting use time.

Counterfeit battery: The battery used in the counterfeit battery generally has poor performance. If the battery is not matched, the battery impedance is high and the battery capacity is unreliable.

Flexible circuit

Connect the internal cells and electronics with the latest soft-wire technology. High reliability. Ensure reliable quality and low impedance.

Counterfeit battery: A typical counterfeit battery uses a wire and a poorly flexible piece of metal for electrical connection. The entire production process is either manual or manual soldering, which can cause short circuits. Battery resistance can also be high due to poor soldering techniques.

Key electronic device

Ensuring the safety of the Marine Walkie Talkie battery and charger and the excellent performance of choosing high-quality electronics is the most basic principle. Multi-switch safety components, the current can be reset when the temperature is high. Thermistor - the temperature detecting component, can effectively monitor the battery temperature, it accurately controls the operation of the circuit, preventing the current from flowing to the charger.

Counterfeit batteries: Typical use of inferior electronic components, the quality of the welding of components is also poor. Some components even fail, and they simply don't work.

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