How to tell the truth of the Motorola walkie-talkie battery?

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How to tell the truth of the Motorola walkie-talkie battery? Following the Marine Walkie Talkie supplier would like to share with us.

How to distinguish the true and false MOTOROLA interphone battery, from the following aspects can make the correct judgment.

1. The battery of intercom is original MOTOROLA

Only use the high quality cells that have passed many times of strict inspection and meet various standards. Single cell capacity consistency, assembled into the interphone battery good performance, the use of a long time.

Fake battery: most fake batteries use batteries with poor consistent performance, mismatched assembly results in high battery impedance, battery capacity is not reliable.

2. Flexible circuit MOTOROLA original

Use the latest patented flexible wire connection technology to connect internal cells and electronic devices. The flexible circuit of soft copper film makes the production process automatic, the parts are small and the reliability is high. Ensure reliable quality and low impedance, greatly reduce the chance of producing defective products.

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Counterfeit batteries: typically counterfeit batteries use wires and poorly flexible metal plates for electrical connections. The whole production process is manually operated or manually welded. As a result, short circuit, open welding opportunities greatly increased. Battery impedance may be high due to poor welding technology.

3. Key electronic components MOTOROLA original

Ensuring the safety and superior performance of walkie-talkies, batteries, and chargers is a fundamental principle in choosing high-quality electronic devices. Multiple switch - safety element, current can be reset at high temperature. Thermistor - temperature sensor, which can effectively monitor the battery temperature, it accurately control the circuit operation, prevent overload. Diode - prevents current from flowing from the battery to the charger.

Counterfeit batteries: typically use poor quality electronic components with poor welding quality. Some components even fail to function properly.

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