What Are The Characteristics Of The Marine Walkie Talkie?

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A wireless Walkie Talkie for maritime navigation on a maritime vessel and for wireless communication with the shore is called a maritime radio. The wireless walkie-talkie for the sea has a very professional and professional walkie-talkie. Its use environment is harsh, the scope of the ship is wide, and the sea temperature changes greatly. It must adapt to the needs of global maritime safe navigation. The working frequency is unified according to the unified regulations of international maritime communication. The marine intercom engine operating frequency range TX is from 156.025 MHz to 157.425 MHz, and RX is from 156.025 MHz to 163.275 MHz. The work channel is divided into international channels, American channels and Canadian channels. The three working channels are the standard versions of the three channels, and all kinds of marine walkie-talkies are available in three standard versions.

In order to meet the communication requirements of the sea, the marine walkie-talkie should fully consider the factors of waterproofing, salt spray prevention and solar radiation prevention in the structural design. The excellent waterproofness is the main indicator of the marine walkie-talkie. According to the Japanese waterproof standard, the marine walkie-talkie does not enter the water at a depth of 1 meter. The general functions of the marine walkie-talkie are relatively simple, practical, and retain its function. All of these are suitable for use on board, and the working environment is convenient for use under various conditions. Excellent waterproof, salt spray resistance, sturdy and durable, high reliability, and the working frequency is the characteristics of the marine pairing machine.

According to the Global Maritime Insurance and Security System Standard (GMDSS), ships sailing on board ships must be equipped with a "GMDSS" standard marine walkie-talkie in order to ensure that the ship is used in emergency situations in distress. According to the "GMDSS" standard marine walkie-talkie, the color must be orange.

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