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How to choose interphone?

Walkie-talkies are divided into professional and civil aircraft. Professional machine refers to the machine whose transmitting power is greater than 4W. At present, the most common professional machine in the market has the transmitting power of 4W and 5W, such as Motorola Marine radio, jianwu, etc. The actual talking distance of this kind of walkie-talkie is generally about 7 kilometers, which mainly meets the requirements of long-distance applications, such as public security, security guards and professional mountaineers. The price of this kind of machine is higher, generally around 2000.

Civilian interphone refers to the transmission power is not greater than 0. 5W machine.

There is also a class of walkie-talkie between professional and civil aircraft, their transmission power is about 2W, the actual communication distance is about 4 km. This kind of walkie-talkie mainly meets the user who has certain requirements for the distance between calls, but the price of the machine is also not too high. Because in practice, many consumers end up being reluctant to use it. 5W walkie-talkie can not meet the needs of long-distance applications. Although it can meet the needs of using professional phones, consumers need to bear higher costs and rarely use such a long distance. So for this type of user, the best choice is a 2W walkie-talkie.

Motorola Marine radio

In addition, when buying a walkie-talkie, the key is to consider their own application occasions, the most expensive is not necessarily the best, the cheapest is not necessarily bad, only the most suitable for their own is the best.

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