[Marine Radio For Sale]Why can't we use walkie-talkies and cell phones on the plane?

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Why can't we use walkie-talkies and cell phones on the plane?

Marine Radio Supplier China shares that although mobile phones, walkie-talkies, radios, wi-fi devices, etc., all emit active electromagnetic waves, the FCC (federal communications commission) adopts frequency division management for radio, and different devices for different purposes use different radio frequency bands. Therefore, theoretically speaking, mobile devices such as mobile phones will not affect aviation communication or GPS navigation system.

Marine handheld radio Supplier points out that it turns out that wireless devices interfere with flight primarily because they interfere with the airport's ground communications network, not because they affect flight systems. The FCC first banned the use of cellphones and wireless devices on airplanes in 1991, explaining that they interfered with airport ground communications. The faa's policy also supports the FCC's decision. But some airlines allow passengers to use phones with "flight mode," which turns off communications.

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In 2003, the FCC had briefly considered cancelled on the plane of the ban on using wireless devices such as mobile phones, but they ultimately rejected the proposal in 2007, and continue to use before the ban, because they could not find enough evidence to prove that the use of these wireless devices will not bring to airport ground communications harmful interference. There is no evidence that these wireless devices affect airport communications, but federal agencies say they should be foolproof. Although a commission on space radio technology investigation in 2006 found little evidence, it also supported the continued ban.

Now that more airlines are offering in-flight broadband access, Virgin American's flights are using dedicated radio spectrum to suggest a connection between the ground and the plane, giving passengers free access to the Internet.

Mobile phones, walkie-talkies and other devices are still banned, as are Internet telephony built using software such as Skype. But at least the passengers will be much more comfortable. And according to the faa, most passengers don't want their phones lifted.


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