Factors that affect the effect of interphone calls

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Factors shared by Motorola Walkie Talkie Supplier that affect the effect of interphone calls:

Reasons for system parameters:

1) the stronger the transmitting output power is, the larger the transmitting signal coverage range is, and the farther the communication distance is. However, the transmitting power should not be too large. Too large transmitting power will not only consume power, affect the life of power amplifier components, but also have strong interference, affect the communication effect of others, and generate radiation pollution. Each country's radio management organization has the explicit stipulation to the communication equipment transmission power.

2) the higher the receiver sensitivity, the farther the communication distance.

3) antenna gain: when the antenna is matched with the machine, normally, the antenna height increases, and the receiving or transmitting capability is enhanced. The antenna used in hand-held walkie-talkies is usually a spiral antenna, whose bandwidth and gain are smaller than other kinds of antennas and more susceptible to human influence.

Intrinsic safety radio GP328 VHF

Intrinsic safety radio GP328 VHF

Environmental reasons:

Environmental factors mainly include path, density of trees, electromagnetic interference, buildings, weather conditions and terrain differences, which directly affect the field intensity and coverage of signals.

Reasons for low battery power:

When the battery is low, the call quality is poor. In severe cases, there will be noise, affecting the normal conversation.

Antenna mismatch reasons:

Antenna matching, antenna frequency band and machine frequency band are not consistent, antenna impedance does not match, will seriously affect the communication distance. For users, they should pay attention to tighten the antenna when changing the antenna. In addition, they should not randomly use the antenna provided by non-manufacturers, nor should they use the antenna that does not meet the frequency point of the machine.

By the way, the quality of the MOTOROLA walkie-talkie GP328PLUS is excellent, it can be received at great distances, the voice is clear when talking, it is waterproof, and it is very cost-effective. The look is cool, and the batteries are durable.


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