The history of the walkie-talkie(part 1)

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Marine Handheld Radio Manufacturer shares that walkie-talkie technology first appeared in the jittery 1920s and was born in Westinghouse laboratories. When John Kermode, an eccentric inventor, dreamed up the idea of automatic sorting of postal receipts, every idea about the use of electronic technology was a novel one. His idea was to mark the envelope with a walkie-talkie. The information on the walkie-talkie was the recipient's address, like today's zip code. For this reason, Kermode invented the earliest interphone logo. The design scheme was very simple, that is, one "bar" represented the number "1", two "bars" represented the number "2", and so on. Then he invented a walkie-talkie reading device consisting of the basic components: a method (which can emit light and receive reflected light) to measure the reflectance of the signal bar and the space, that is, the edge positioning coil; And the method of using the measured results, that is, the decoder.

                              The history of the walkie-talkie(part 1)

Kermode used a newly invented photovoltaic cell to collect reflected light. The "empty" reflects back a strong signal, and the "strip" reflects back a weak signal. Unlike today's high-speed electronic components, Kermode USES magnetic coils to determine the "strip" and "void". It's like a child connecting a wire to a battery and wrapping it around a nail to clip paper. Kermode USES a coil with an iron core to attract a switch when it receives an "empty" signal. As a result, the earliest walkie-talkie readers were noisy. The switch is controlled by a series of relays, and "on" and "off" are determined by the number of "strips" printed on the envelope. In this way, walkie-talkie symbols can be used to directly analyze the letters.

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