Difference between Marine Air Conditioner and Air Conditioner Applied to Land

Jun. 25, 2019 I want to consult

There must exist differences between Marine Air Conditioner and air conditioner applied to land. But do you know what's the difference? Today Marine Air Conditioning Manufacturer shares with you their differences below:

Marine Air Conditioner

Marine Air Conditioner

1. For marine air-conditioning, the marine environment has high humidity and high salinity characteristics, and it is required to improve the anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and mildew-proof performance of the air-conditioning system.

2. The requirements for marine air-conditioned submarines are 10° heeling 15° and 25° rolling 15°. When the ship is sailing on the surface, it will tilt or sway due to wind and waves. The national standard requires the surface warp to pitch 5° and tilt 15°, swinging 45 ° pitch 10 °, air conditioning equipment to ensure normal operation within this range.

3. The ship is separated from the outside by the water, and may run on the ocean for a long time, its maintenance has certain limitations, so maintainability is very important.

4. When the marine air conditioner is in the marine environment and is directly cooled by sea water or sea air, the condenser must consider the problem of seawater and salt spray corrosion.

5. The operating environment of marine air conditioning varies with the geographical location. Therefore, the air conditioner should have an adaptive load-carrying function to maximize the energy on board and improve the comfort in the ship's warehouse.

In short, in addition to the basic refrigeration capacity, marine air conditioners must also have anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, anti-tilt and rocking capabilities.


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