What Is A Marine Maintenance Free Battery?

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In the classification society, the two types of Marine Battery are mainly mentioned, Vented batteries and Valve-regulated sealed batteries. The former is a ventilated battery, the latter is a valve-controlled sealed battery, and the valve-controlled sealed battery is actually what we say Maintenance Free Battery.

Marine maintenance-free batteries are also known in the industry as marine maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, namely Valve Regulated Lead Battery, or VRLA batteries. The basic feature is that it is not required to be added with acid and water during use. The battery is sealed, does not leak acid, does not discharge acid mist, and has a one-way exhaust valve (also called safety valve) on the battery cover. The function of the valve is When the internal gas pressure of the battery exceeds a certain value, the safety valve is automatically opened, the gas is exhausted, and then automatically closed. In the normal state, the safety valve is sealed. The biggest difference between VRLA batteries and traditional lead-acid batteries is that traditional batteries are not sealed. Due to the process of volatilization and reflection, the battery will lose acid and water, and it is necessary to add acid and water regularly. Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries are classified into AGM and GEL (colloidal) batteries. Currently, the maintenance-free batteries for ships are generally referred to as AGM batteries unless otherwise specified.

Maintenance Free Battery


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